SitePasser 1.0

SitePasser is designed to give all web users the best way to launch and save details to any important web accounts. It's the ultimate website quick-launching platform that keeps any web marketing simple. easy-to-use, and fast.

SitePasser 1.0

SitePasser is designed to give every Domain Owner (Business or Personal) a great way to organize and save the details to all their important web accounts. It helps you organize the websites you visit, own, affiliate, or do business with regularly and keeps track of their logins, passwords, and details in a quick launch platform. If you've ever found yourself digging through years of your emails to find the exact website you need information from, or looked everywhere for a password, then you'll love SitePasser.The PRO version of SitePasser is completely customizable to whatever the owner of the software wants to catalog. If your in the Automotive business, change the categories to automotive. If your in the Real Estate business, change the categories to Real Estate and so on. Whatever you want to store,save, or catalog, outside your Browser. It is totally up to you.

Build your own Niche Engine with a Web2Desk Shareware Editor!

If you've ever wanted to increase web traffic and have been frustrated with SEO marketing cost, time, and constant changes, then you'll love what ReBranding SitePasser can do for you. SitePasser makes it easy for anyone to create and share their own unique Niche Engine. Below is a list of ideas, just for starters, because the more you use it, the more you will find ways to use it.
Niche Engine users idea list:

1. Student Study Guides
2. Exclusive Product, Service, or Coupon offerings
3. Exclusive Contact Us information not sharable on websites because of WEBBOTs
4. A Collection of Vendor or Partner websites to end-user products and service.
5. A Collection of Search Engine Results on specific topics.
6. Access to exclusive content on websites that require usernames and passwords
* Usernames and Passwords can be passed on to the users of your App by filling in the Username&Password text boxes inside your ReBrand Database that you plan to export.7. How to Videos Embedded, Linked, or both.


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